February 14th, 2008

And That Would Be About?

daisy_knotwise was putting Katie to bed last night since I'd had Capricon transport duty to take care of. When I got back, I pulled out my guitar to practice a couple of the new songs and make sure they were behaving well, which they were.

And my fingers went up to the seventh fret of the guitar and played a chord and a line of lyrics came out of my mouth. And then another chord which fit and a bit more lyrics, and I knew where the tune wanted to go to next, but I was damned if I could figure out what the chord was until I tried playing something up at the sixth fret that I'd never played before, followed by something else at the eighth fret.

The rest of the lyrics arrived apace and were quickly scrawled down on a sheet of paper. I'm not sure what it's about yet, but it certainly looks interesting.

I must get time to transcribe the rest of this particular cryptic message from my muse who apparently had decided that this is my week to learn some new chords.

Off to Capricon!

The other sound system, mic, cables, and the like are all now packed into my car and ready to follow daisy_knotwise and Katie to Capricon, right after I stop at the Jewel and pick up essential baby supplies. (No, not books. We already packed those.)

Unfortunately, I appear to have tweaked a muscle in my back last night. What wonderful timing! *sigh*