February 18th, 2008

What Kind Of God Would You Be?

catsittingstill posted her thoughts on the subject. I was going to leave a response there, but it ended up a bit longer than I'd expected, so I'm here instead to answer the question above.

I'm tempted to simply say "the kind of God that I hope we have", but...

1) Benevolent -- providing a universe that's a pretty good place to live in. This doesn't mean that it's perfect, because perfect would be pretty dull, but a place that's not inimically hostile to life would be good.

2) Curious -- which suggests to me that my creations would have free will, because I'd like to see what it is they intend to do.

3) Forgiving -- because that whole "free will" thing means that they're sometimes going to do some things that I'd rather they not do.

4) Mostly hands off -- because it messes with that whole free will thing.

5) Very occasionally interactive -- because sometimes it's time to mess with that whole free will thing. Or deliver an important message that can't be delivered any other way. Or maybe just to learn something that's otherwise unknowable even for a god. Or maybe because today this one thing needs to be fixed.

6) Arranging an afterlife -- because no one should have to die forever. Not any creature that has the capability to love.

That'll do for now. But -- as you can see -- I'm a rather dull god.