February 29th, 2008

Did I Mention?

Actually, I forgot to mention in the general confusion yesterday, but after daisy_knotwise dropped me off at the train station, she came home to discover that the furnace wasn't working. Oh, joy.

Fortunately, the furnace guy is a family friend and was available yesterday morning. It wasn't too complex apparently and is working again. Which is good, because a seriously failed furnace would have made Gretchen's day complete.

She's feeling better today after a lot of sleep.

Sipping Data

So in order to start work on the new project that I get to do, I need to create a new view in ClearCase as the thing that I'm doing is very invasive and the rest of the world doesn't need to see it until it's done. (In fact, not only doesn't need to see it, but emphatically doesn't want to see it.) So Doug created a new ClearCase view profile for me and I set out this morning to create the new view.

I promptly got an error. So Doug rebooted the ClearCase server which didn't help and I rebooted my machine which didn't help. At this point, it was time to yell for a better grade of help.

So I pinged the ClearCase experts on the east and west coasts. They looked over my installation and can't figure out how anything ever worked here. Many things did, but the mechanism appears to be a mystery.

The solution: reinstall ClearCase. But it turns out that the ClearCase client install image on our local server is pretty old for one reason or another compared to what they're using out in Santa Clara.

So we are now copying the ClearCase installer from Santa Clara to my local machine. Slowly. Very slowly. In fact, it says that it still has 158 minutes remaining some five hours into the process, but it's been saying a variety of different random times all along, so you may as well just disregard that number.

The only good thing about this is that if we'd tried to run the setup program remotely, we'd be waiting even longer than we are to copy the files, given the soda straw that apparently exists between here and Santa Clara. They just rearranged the Santa Clara network connection earlier this week which was supposed to increase our throughput from here to there.

I'm thinking not so much.