March 3rd, 2008

Charting the Future

controuble came by this evening after dinner and we sat down and figured out a layout for the WindyCon Art Show that will allow it to fit nicely into the section of the Grand Ballroom that we actually get before 6 PM on Friday. (This is a glitch in the first year of the contract due to a prior booking that won't be repeated in subsequent years.)

This means that Special Events and Programming can have the Lilac Room, which is much better shaped for events that have an audience. And everyone ends up happy.


It appears that sometime yesterday evening, I acquired the intestinal bug that daisy_knotwise and Katie have had. About 9:30 PM last night, I hit the wall and -- although I got something of a second wind -- ended up sleeping very badly with a fever and cramps.

I think the fever is gone. I wish the cramps were. :)

Of course, none of this stopped me from going to work where -- after another day of non-productivity -- it appears we found the problem with creating views in ClearCase. It looks like it may take six hours to create a view (which is absurd), but it's there running without me now, so I don't care a lot.

We'll see what it looks like in the morning.

Little Girls

Even when you're under the weather -- or maybe especially then -- there's something wonderful about your little girl running up to you and raising up her arms to be lifted up by you. And you pick her up and hug her and put her down.

And she lifts up her arms again. :)