March 7th, 2008

Things Steinbergian and Other

I bought a copy of Sequel last night. It was cheap and came with many loops which can also be used in Cubase. Will I get a chance to play with it? Who knows!

In other news, the digestive distress hasn't quite calmed down to where I'd like it to be and I was fairly miserable yesterday evening. A little analysis led me to two conclusions:

  • I need more sleep.
  • The problem is that I'm generating too much gas which is the source of the cramping.

    I fixed the first one by crawling into bed right after getting home last night and sleeping in. As far as the second, I stopped by the grocery store on the way to work and grabbed a container of yogurt which I had for breakfast in an attempt to introduce friendly bacteria to the system. :)

    We'll see how this works.


    As you might have guessed, the whole digestive thing pretty much put paid to getting on the exercycle this week. But I looked outside at the sunshine and the fact that it was above freezing and that most of the snow has melted, save for the big piles from plowing, and decided to walk to lunch and back.

    This is better than nothing. :)