March 17th, 2008

Having a Screw Loose

Despite the fact that we were going to have to get up earlier than usual to make it to our appointment with our financial advisor this morning, I decided to get back on the exercycle again, having managed it only once last week, mostly due to Katie's being under the weather and our being up too late as a result. My intentions were good.

Right up until there was a clunk and something felt wrong with the pedals. A minute or two later, there was a second clunk and things felt more wrong. So I got off the bike at about eight minutes elapsed time and decided that I would be taking it to the shop.

After showering and getting dressed, further reflection said that this was best done on a day when both daisy_knotwise and I were available to get the bike to the shop and since I didn't want to wait until Saturday (or later -- tollers and sweetmusic_27 are in this weekend to record), I figured I'd better do it immediately.

As I rolled the bike toward the door, a screw hit the ground. I picked it up and dropped it in my pocket. Then we put Katie back in her crib (Waaah!) and wrestled the machine down the stairs. While Gretchen got Katie packed up to go, I put the bike in the back of the minivan where it barely fit, being a Schwinn Airdyne with an attached magazine rack that I didn't feel like detaching.

The bike is now in the shop. And we've met with our financial advisor and dropped off the (still incomplete) paperwork for the taxes.

And my count of compile errors is down to 182, from the 309 where I started the day.

Curb Your Doggerel #3

Here's another for the children's poetry collection to go with Uncle Fred and Zombies!:

I think we're all done having fun.
Mummy's coming -- better run!
Not the mummy that we know
Bandage-wrapped from head to toe.
He was an Egyptian pharaoh
Buried in a coffin narrow
Deep within a treasure room
In pyramid, a pharaoh's tomb.
Robbers came, some bad, some worse
And released the Pharaoh's curse.
They opened the sarcophagus.
So why's the mummy chasing us?