March 21st, 2008

Look! Spring Is Falling!

The forecast for today is that we're going to get three to six inches of spring snow. It's stopped right now, but during the hour that the car was parked outside for lunch, two inches of snow landed on it. Whee!

Hope the weather's better where you are!

Definitely a Word

The one thing that was very clear as tollers and Drummer went to sleep in the guest bedroom upstairs and Katie was forcefully carried off to her own bedroom is that she knows what "doggie" is. At that volume, the entire house knows what doggie is and what Katie wants. :)

Baa! Humbug!

daisy_knotwise put the lamb cake in the oven and asked me if I'd turn the mold over at the 40 minute mark. This seemed simple enough.

Unfortunately, it looks like there was a bit too much air in the batter, as it had already escaped from the mold, flowed over the edge of the cookie sheet, and was burning on the bottom of the stove. Then when I went to turn the mold over, the mold separated and more batter flowed out onto the cookie sheet.

The lamb cake is now done, but not very much like lamb cake. Gretchen says she'll try again tomorrow.

The overflow tastes good though. (The part on the cookie sheet. The burned part on the bottom of the stove I've now thrown away.)