March 23rd, 2008

Recording Notes

tollers, sweetmusic_27, and Drummer are on their way down to Indianapolis as we actually managed to finish up recording last night before midnight, despite my best efforts. The tracks sound good to us here; with luck, they'll continue to sound good when they arrive at their home.

Memorandum: when you've just performed a major upgrade / rework of your studio, it's good to have a chance to test it out before folks arrive to record. Unfortunately, we were missing one optical cable until last weekend and didn't have time (given the presence of Katie -- currently napping) to put things back together before Debbie and Amy got here on Friday. So on Friday night, Debbie and I went downstairs after dinner and put the last of it back together.
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After dinner, we got the other six tracks recorded quickly and without incident.

It's amazing how much better things go when you've got things set up properly.