March 30th, 2008

Daddy's Going to Get a Complex

daisy_knotwise and I put Katie to bed on alternating nights when things are going according to plan. This involves laying down with her and her bottle on the bed in her room, singing lullabyes, and waiting for her to drift off. It also includes one or more calls to the other parent to recharge the bottle.

Now, Katie has generally been pretty good about laying in the crook of my arm and not fussing too much, while she climbs all over Gretchen. And when I come in to deliver the next bottle, she will usually blow kissy noises at me until I blow them back and kiss her.

But the last three nights when I've been putting Katie to sleep, when Gretchen comes in with the bottle, Katie starts sobbing and trying to grab Mommy and climb up into her arms. And Mommy kisses her and turns her back over to Daddy, where she spends the next minute or so sobbing.


Waitress Redux

The thing I forgot to mention in last night's post is just how much Andy Griffith reminds me of my father. The accent is a bit different, my dad being from Southern Illinois, but there's just enough physical resemblance coupled with the kind of characters he's been playing for the last fifteen years that it's just a little bit scary.

Poor Little Girl

Katie has unfortunately developed a case of the urps. We cleaned up the damage downstairs which included daisy_knotwise's shirt and I brought her upstairs and put her in the bathtub. Minutes after Gretchen took her out of the tub, Katie went urp again, but at least she was only wearing a diaper.

Katie, that is, not Gretchen.

Flexing Muscles

Via Instapundit, if your book is available via Print On Demand (POD), it seems that is going to force you to use their POD service or they'll just make it impossible for anyone to buy the book directly from Amazon.

Cute. Real cute.

It certainly makes me appreciate CD Baby. I wonder if Derek wants to start Book Baby?