April 3rd, 2008

Lapeering Out

We got off a bit later than intended and pulled into our hotel in Lapeer, Michigan about 11:30 PM local time. The lady checking us in turned out to have a granddaughter who's just about a month younger than Katie and is off in Germany, so she was quite delighted to see Katie. This turned out to be a good thing, as we rolled the cart up to the room, unloaded the bags, and when I got back down to the desk, was informed that the people in the room below us had called to complain about the noise. Not much noise as far as I could tell, but apparently she had three sleeping children and what were we doing up there?

Ok, Katie was quite happy to be out of the car seat, but I don't think she was exactly careening off the walls. Just toddling across the floor.

So the desk clerk came up and helped move us to another room down the hall, where -- as it turned out -- there was a stack gas problem from the drain in the floor for the Jacuzzi. (It was a stunning $20 extra for the opportunity for each of us to spend a little time soothing sore muscles. It seemed like a fair trade.)

While our friendly desk clerk was busy apologizing, daisy_knotwise was fixing the problem by pouring several coffee pots full of water down the drain to refill the trap. The clerk told us that she's taking some substantial amount off our rate for the combined inconvenience, which was very nice of her.

It turns out she remembered us from last year too. Of course, I was on crutches then. :)

Back to the Road

In a moment, I will shut this beast down and start loading up the van again. Then we'll head out, stopping at Lucky's Steakhouse in Imlay City. There, it being neither Friday nor Lent, daisy_knotwise will finally be able to order something other than the fish and chips. Then on to the border and FKO.

See some of you there!

Rolling In

And we pulled into the hotel around 4 PM local time. We ran into Dave Hayman in the lobby, who kindly contributed the cart he'd been using for me to haul the last load up to our room. Then, since the cart was here, daisy_knotwise gave Katie a ride on the cart back down to the lobby and went out to the car to grab my tuxedo, which wasn't really quite a load, but as long as the cart had to go back... :)

And then Katie wanted to ride on the cart back up to the room. No, dear, I don't think so.