April 5th, 2008

FKO Update

Tom and Sue's wedding was lovely, at least as much as I saw of it (although daisy_knotwise assures me that the rest of it was lovely). Katie had firmly skipped her nap earlier in the afternoon and proceeded to melt down at the ceremony at just the moment that the crowd was asked to affirm that the pair should get married. Apparently, she's just upset that all the eligible men are taking themselves off the market before she manages to turn a year-and-a-half old.

Sue assured me that it would have been ok had we stayed, but it seemed like a bad idea at the time. While we sat in the hall, Katie crying, Marilyn Miller came by and sang to her, which helped calm her down for a bit. The chocolate from the reception didn't hurt any either. :)

Later, following Opening Ceremonies, we had the FKO 2009 preview, as Urban Tapestry (next year's Filk Waif) and Heather Dale (next year's Guest of Honor) gave fine concert sets. The open filk was a little late getting started, as much of the con headed up the con suite subsequently for Vixy & Tony's CD release party. But we eventually accreted quite a roomful, although I folded up by 2 AM. (Gretchen had long since taken Katie up to bed.)

Small child, you know. :)