April 8th, 2008

FilkOntario Catch Up

Because I was typing updates at a lot of odd times, there were various things that I didn't mention in either a time crunch or a lack of sleep befuddled state. Let's go catch them now:

catalana wrote a wonderful bio for me for the program book. Thanks, Erica!

Marilyn Miller sings and plays beautifully and is a remarkably nice person. I still owe her a major favor sometime for her help calming Katie down when I had her out in the hall during Tom and Sue's wedding. Marilyn is from Chicago, but notes that she's been in L.A. for so long that saying that she's from Chicago may no longer apply.

I'm not from Chicago, but I've been here long enough that I'm starting to understand the sentiment above. :)

The Bedlam Bards did a nice job of revamping their set list when Hawke lost a string on his guitar that proved to be stubbornly resistant to a quick fix. Cedric kept everyone well-entertained while the longer fix was implemented.

Friday of the con had been Tony's birthday. Unknown to Tony, Vixy had implanted extra signage into the middle of the prop cards that Tony couldn't see from the stage. So as Vixy continued to speak in French after their performance of a French translation of "All I Want to Do Is Eat Your Brain", the Francophones in the audience were being verbally informed while the English speakers were reading the signage that told them to sing "Happy Birthday" to Tony on the count of three. "L'un, deux, trois."

Mark Bernstein and I were the auctioneers for the Interfilk Auction. I'd thought that John Hall had been asked, but there was a minor snafu somewhere in the communications that led to him thinking he wasn't needed. Oops! Sorry, John. We would have loved to have had you.

Lawrence Dean sent Dave Clement a song that he wrote for Tom and Sue's wedding. With connivance from Deborah and Ken, we played it back on the main sound system on Sunday after Ju's concert and while the Filk Hall of Fame concert was getting set up.

And I was happy to get Tom and Sue into the same room at the Dead Dog filk so I could play "Dance by Starlight" for them.

It was good seeing so many folks at the con. The committee did a wonderful job (no great surprise there!), the trains ran suitably on time, and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Thanks to the FilkOntario folks for inviting me. I had a wonderful time.

And, as I periodically reminded folks at the con, buy your advance memberships for next year now, before the American Dollar falls further. :)