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Bill Roper's Journal
April 12th, 2008 
12:21 am - Enchanted
Courtesy of shsilver who loaned us his family's copy, daisy_knotwise and I got to watch Enchanted tonight. It's a lot of fun.

You get a nice romantic comedy, several fine production numbers, and a CGI-animated chipmunk who would really like to steal the movie. What's not to like? :)
05:09 pm - Velocitoaster
Because I just know there are people on my friends list who need to see this:

Behold, Velocitoaster!
I'm in the process of updating the website and realized that I'd never gotten around to posting this song that Clif Flynt and I wrote at the very first FilkCon back in 1979. So as long as I'm working it up, I thought I'd drop it in here.
A long time ago, in a ballroom far away...Collapse )
06:09 pm - Website Updated
I've just finished updating the Filker website, uploading words and chords for Primarily Yours, Stuff, Mindripper, and The Title Will Follow.
Ok, living here in Des Plaines, we're hunting for a better Chinese buffet. Our current favorite is the one in the bank building at Oakton and Lee, but there's room for improvement, as two buffets that we preferred have closed -- the one at Mt. Prospect and Rand as well as the King's Buffet at Golf and Elmhurst.

The problem is that a buffet that features a lot of sushi, shrimp, and crab isn't what we're looking for as I'm unlikely to eat the first and unable to eat the last two items. So the New China Buffet at Golf and Milwaukee is a bad choice, as is Senoya a bit further west on Golf.

Anyone know of something else in the neighborhood that would suit?
Tonight at dinner, we introduced Katie to the concept of an ice cream cone. She thoroughly approves, although Daddy was careful to make sure that he was the one holding the cone.
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