April 19th, 2008

Mule Chest

Classic Oak Designs called yesterday to let us know that the mule chest that we'd ordered for the bedroom had arrived. We headed over there after lunch today to pick it up.

We had ordered the mule chest to replace the two dressers that had been in our bedroom since 1992/3 or thereabouts. My dresser was still fine, but daisy_knotwise's was a bit wobbly. And therein hangs a tale.
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So we bought a mule chest to replace the pair of dressers. It's just a bit larger in terms of storage space than the two dressers, but fits in the same space.

And it turns out that they call it a mule chest because it weighs about the same as a full-grown mule. It almost fit in the back of the van -- the guys at the store tied down the hatch so we could get it home.

Then I tried to lift it out of the van. It turned out to be rather heavier than I'd anticipated, even based on its size. Apparently Baker Road builds these things out of neutronium.

One of our neighbors saw us fighting with it and offered to help us carry it in. I thanked him and told him that we'd take him up on it, just as soon as we removed the drawers. This not only lessened the weight, but provided a fine set of handholds.

In the door and up the stairs it went. The skids were removed, the glides hammered in, the chest uprighted, drawers inserted, and -- as I type -- Gretchen is finishing the transfer of her things to the new chest.

Mine are already moved. And I find, after cleaning out some things that no longer fit, that I've got an empty drawer. This turns out to be a good place to put some of the stuff that's been in my closet looking for a better home.

We win.

Stepping Down

Katie's been going up the stairs for some time now -- like since last August. Down, not so much, although she's quite capable of going down the two steps into the garage or the backyard. When I've tried to coax her into going down the stairs in the past, she has backed up against the wall opposite the staircase, giving a pretty clear "no" signal.

She did that again today. But then I took her hand, told her it would be ok, and I walked her down the stairs, holding one of her hands so she could balance. And she made it all the way down without falling.