April 20th, 2008

No Computer Yet

daisy_knotwise dropped me off at Frys today as she and Katie went determinedly somewhere else while I contemplated building a computer. Ultimately, it turned out that Frys no longer carries the motherboard that seemed most suitable to me for the job at hand, so I ended up buying -- much to my old fogie amazement -- a couple of terabyte SATA drives for $199 each to add to the parts collection for the computer that will get build eventually.

That's only 200,000 times as much hard disk storage as my first IBM PC had. Although I'm going to mirror the drives, so I guess it's really only half that amount.


Restaurants Redux

We've only been living around here for 12 years or so. You'd think we'd have investigated all of the local restaurants by now. Well, not actually.

Last night, we continued the quest for a new Chinese buffet by heading up to Rand and Arlington Heights Road to try out one that is next to the now-closed Hancock Fabrics. It flunked. It was decidedly mediocre, although it was the second consecutive Chinese buffet that we went to that was serving flan.

Last weekend, we thought we'd try some of the alternative fast food. On Saturday, we went to Photo's Hotdogs at Wolf and Kensington. It passed the test for burgers -- at least, that's all we tried -- so it goes on the rotation. It certainly smelled right when we walked in there.

On Sunday, we planned to go to the Gyros Factory at Wolf and Central, but they're closed on Sunday. So we hit them for lunch on Saturday this week. Unfortunately, the gyros were a bit bland and dry, the burgers a bit small and also dry. Nice folks, but I wasn't thrilled by the food, so we'll probably not go by there again.