April 27th, 2008

One Of Those Afternoons

Since daisy_knotwise had a Capricon board meeting immediately following the concom meeting today, we took two cars to the meeting so I could take Katie home for her nap. What I didn't realize -- and apparently neither did Gretchen -- was that the so-called sippy cup of milk in the pocket of the diaper bag was a booby cup, so I now have a pint of milk in the floorwell in the back seat. I decided that this could wait until Gretchen came home to pull out the carpet cleaner and went back to getting Katie down for her nap. Once I got Katie in bed (and gave her a second bottle when she squawked), I went back to arranging things on the new computer.

Unfortunately, I discovered yesterday that Adobe has decided that it's good business policy to screw over their users with their copy protection, the version on Creative Suite CS2 being incompatible with Vista, which is pretty much what you have to get with a new machine. This can be fixed with a $600 upgrade. Scum.

But I've gotten the machine reconfigured and working other than for software supplied by scum. I even managed to get PC-Pine working for Gretchen which should make her happy.

The last part of this was accomplished while Katie was awake after her nap, during which time she scattered two bags of 18-inch long, multi-colored pipe cleaners around the room. They're back in the bags now.

I'm not sure if any other mayhem has occurred. *sigh*