May 1st, 2008

More Baby Details

And now that we've met her (and spent some time with her at the hospital and brought Katie to the hotel room so she can take a much needed nap), the details on Katie's little sister.

Juliana Leigh Roper, born May 1st at 8:10 AM, 9 pounds 9 ounces, 19.5 inches long. According to the nurses on duty, she's perfect. We think she looks pretty good too.

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The Surreal Life

So I'm sitting here on the bed with this laptop checking on what everyone's had to say about Juliana's birth (Thanks, folks!), the work laptop sitting next to it downloading the changes to the software that I'm building, and Katie sitting next to me, happily munching on Cinnamon Life cereal.

This is an odd combination of Wi-Fi and babies. :)


I dropped Katie and daisy_knotwise off at the hotel and ran off to a Cub Foods two stops up the beltline to grab several things that we'd forgotten. We now have:

  • Bottle liners for Katie
  • Cereal for Katie to snack on
  • Baby wash to bathe Katie with
  • Little snack containers that won't spill Katie's cereal everywhere
  • Chocolate for Mommy and Daddy
  • A Fisher-Price newborn baby doll that had been marked down to $7 for Katie, who seems to want a baby of her own to play with

    So far, so good.