May 4th, 2008

Weekend Update

Last night, Carol and John came up from Mukwonago to see the new baby and grab dinner, which was a lot of fun. We also got to cope with the toilet's flush mechanism breaking and the hotel's repair guy not answering his pager. The nice lady at the desk made a temporary replacement with paper clips which sort of worked for a while. It seems to be better now that I complained again this morning after the paper clips gave way some time last night.

Notice for sweetmusic_27: we had lunch at Michael's Frozen Custard. Good burgers, fine custard, and really stupidly good hot fudge. *sigh*

Now daisy_knotwise is off to the back room to take a nap with Katie. Julie's just finished a bottle and is sleeping it off in her bassinet in the front room here.

I think her eyes are blue, but they pick up so much color from everything else around (much like mine on occasion) that it's hard to be sure. This room is very beige...


If you're not a sports fan -- or even if you are -- you may have missed this story about how the members of the opposing team carried the young woman who had just hit the only homerun of her career around the bases after she blew out a knee ligament running the bases. It ended up not being the deciding run of the game, but it could have been.