May 5th, 2008

Back to Work

We're still in Madison waiting for Wednesday's court date. In the meantime, I'm getting some work done via the Wi-Fi and the VPN into my computer in the office. It's not much slower than anything involving ClearCase usually is...

We actually got up in time for the free breakfast this morning. It turned out to be pretty decent, with a choice of eggs, pancakes, and french toast made to order. After that, daisy_knotwise took the girls out shopping to get more clothes for Julie, while I set up to work in the lobby while I waited for them to clean our room. The guardian ad litum called just before they got back and we went over things for Wednesday. He expects no problems, although he may need to participate via phone.

The room still wasn't cleaned, so we headed upstairs. When the fellow showed up to clean the room, we decamped to Wendy's for lunch, then to West Towne Mall across the street to give them a bit more time. There, we found a play area where Katie ran wild with the other kids ("Looked like a Benetton ad," Gretchen observed.) while I walked Julie's stroller around the mall for the exercise. Then we headed back to the room and put the kids and Gretchen down for a nap, while I went back to work.

Now if I can just get the system to add this silly dialog, I might be able to do some damage. *sigh*


We were warned, of course, that all children are different. But in some ways, they're the same. Both of them have exhibited much more control of their head movements at an early age than we were told to expect, for instance.

On the other hand, compared to Katie, Julie is a veritable poo machine. In fact, as daisy_knotwise was changing an extremely poopy diaper just a few moments ago, she had just finished cleaning the baby's bottom when a poo jet erupted, hitting Gretchen's pants, the couch, the floor, and one of Gretchen's socks.

Katie never did that. (And fortunately, she's still asleep.)