May 17th, 2008

27 Dresses

daisy_knotwise and I watched 27 Dresses tonight. It's pretty thoroughly formulaic, which is pretty much what I want to see in a romantic comedy. I get really annoyed at romantic comedies where girl does not get boy, girl gets killed tragically, boy gets killed tragically, etc. I rather prefer happy endings.

(Yeah, I know. The Grim Roper. Who'da thunk it?)

But I watch romantic comedies not so much for the plot as for the journey and the acting. Katherine Heigl does a fine job with the part and watching her I conclude that there's some serious danger that she's going to get all the parts that Diane Keaton used to get, which is a pretty good career path, all things considered. James Marsden demonstrates that he doesn't have to play a stick, unlike in the X-Men movies. And Malin Akerman (who IMDB tells me is about to be in the new Watchmen film) could be stealing Cameron Diaz's parts shortly.

So it's a pretty happy little ensemble. And the movie isn't laugh out loud funny, but it's fun to watch.

That'll do nicely.


Katie is 18 months old today. Julie is 16 days old today.

As we listen to Katie going up and down the stairs by herself (and wonder what the clatter of the object was that just came down the stairs), it's sort of amazing that we're where we are.