June 15th, 2008

Inching Toward Duckon

As I slowly catch up on the various events of the weekend now that we've returned home:

When fleetfootmike and I arrived at the dealership to retrieve my I-Pass, it turned out that the car was fixed, because the problem was a battery that had died in a fashion that I'd never seen before. Apparently, it had died so suddenly and so catastrophically that it couldn't even be jumped to start the car. This seemed odd to me, but the car has run fine so far.

It seems that the flashing console lights are an indication of a bad battery. It would be ever so much better if this were documented somewhere that I could find in the owner's manual. I suspect that several other Ford products may have this entertaining failure mode, so any of my friends who see this should be advised.

After turning the rental car back in, we headed off to Fry's where much shopping was accomplished -- by Mike. I bought a $5 flash card reader in the hope that it might help me get the pictures off the Nikon. And then we finally proceeded off to Duckon.