June 27th, 2008

A Week Well Over

This is a good week to be done with. I've processed through 11 assorted bugs and enhancement requests for our next release, leaving me with about 5 to go. I'm unhappy with some of the fixes that I'm making, but I copied part of the design for a new feature that I implemented (about a year ago -- we're just getting around to testing it now that we're nearing release) from the existing behaviors of a similar feature that the new feature extends. While I'm fairly convinced now that some of those behaviors are wrong, we can't manage to reach an agreement on what correct behavior is. (Three of us agree in general, but can't successfully outvote the fourth. Neither can the fourth successfully outvote the three of us. Hence, the impasse.)

So I'm left mimicking the flawed existing behaviors, which is not what I'd consider the best choice.

It's just the best choice that I'm allowed to take.