July 10th, 2008

Never Was

I got a bit of the chorus for this on the way to work the other day and have been hammering on it for a few days while daisy_knotwise puts Katie to bed and Julie is being kind enough to sleep through the banging on the guitar. At one point, I thought I was going to write another full verse and then a bridge, but when I came back to it tonight, I realized that:

  • The verse I was working on was the bridge
  • The tempo was too slow
  • The chords on the verse weren't quite right at the new tempo
  • And I desperately needed a tune for the bridge

    Those things taken care of, I finished the song. :)

    This is inspired by -- and otherwise has absolutely nothing else to do with it, save for a similar McGuffin -- a fine Astro City story by Kurt Busiek, "The Nearness of You".

    All that said, I suppose I should actually post the lyrics.
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