July 13th, 2008

Quick Shot

This would have come out better had I remembered that I'd turned off the flash on daisy_knotwise's camera when we were down in Lisle. But it'll do...

Let Sleeping Babies Lie Let Sleeping Babies Lie
Gretchen says that the appropriate familial remark here is "Get this kid off my neck!" Ok.

Boxes, Mr. Rico!

The weather was nice today, so naturally daisy_knotwise and I spent it in the garage. See, Gretchen's brother jeff_duntemann is in town and they're supposed to go through the boxes of stuff that still haven't been sorted out since our move here from our old house and their mother's old house back in 1996. I figured some presorting was in order.

We found many things. I found three boxes of my stuff that we cleaned out of my dad's house before he died -- I'll need to sort through those later. We found several boxes of "good stuff" from Mrs. Duntemann's house that I piled up for Gretchen and Jeff to sort through. I found a box full of SpaceTime Theater props and such that had somehow migrated to the bottom of the pile. I found my chess and bowling trophies, my baseball gloves, and my Cardinals caps.

And I found a box from our old house that contained the hardware to assemble the bookshelf that Rolf Wilson gave me for a wedding present when I got married to Carol. The bookshelf has since been assembled using different techniques, but it's a nice set of hardware.

I wish I'd found it sooner.