July 15th, 2008


I spent today working at home, because we had to go over to the optometrist early in the afternoon and the commute time would have been silly to throw into the mix. This meant that I got to chat with samwinolj and jeff_duntemann when they came by to pick up the color laser printer that I'm loaning to Sam to use with his new startup business (because he may actually need it). And I was here when the guy came by to give us an estimate on painting the house.

In the meantime, I got to argue with our Product Manager about obscure bugs in the interface caused by a third-party library, fix serialization bugs in other people's code (and add some cleanup code to some of my serializations, just to be fair about it), and generally get a few things done remotely.

And I have a new toric lens for my right eye that doesn't seem to make it itch. :) Yay!