July 21st, 2008

Feeding Katie

We spend much of our time trying to figure out what Katie is likely to eat at any given moment. Chicken nuggets are one of her favorite foods -- if she's in her car seat. Otherwise, she's as likely to snub them as to eat them. French fries are pretty much always good, but not very proteinaceous. Hot dogs (minus the bun) are sometimes good, sometimes not.

It was to my surprise at dinner tonight when Katie ate all of her grilled smoked bratwurst and then agitated for more. I ran out and threw another one on the grill, which she eventually ate most of.

Tomorrow, who knows?

The Dancing Toddler

Katie has, of late, taken to demanding that I open up the guitar case upstairs, pull out the guitar, and play for her before she goes to bed. She then says, "Up!" So I assist her way onto the bed where she strums at the guitar and then starts dancing all over the bed while I play Midnight Girl for her. This is occasionally a hazard for Julie, but daisy_knotwise does a pretty good job of protecting her from her older sister.

This is all the more entertaining, because my expectation is that I will someday give that guitar to Katie. It's my first Taylor that I bought with some of the money that we inherited from Gretchen's mom.

Giving that guitar to Katie leaves open the question of what I intend to do for Julie about getting her a guitar. Of course, neither girl will be getting a guitar at that level for some years. In fact, by the time that I get around to passing along the first Taylor, good guitar wood will be getting quite scarce.

"The best thing for me to do", I remarked idly to Gretchen, "would be for me to go buy another appropriate Taylor for Julie while it's still possible to buy a fine wooden guitar for a reasonable sum."

This got me The LookTM.

Well, I was only kidding, as I explained to Gretchen.