July 22nd, 2008

Reading to Katie

Katie has books. A great many books. At any given moment, any one of these can be her favorite, but there are a few that drift frequently to the top of the list: the Clorinda books; Boynton's Pajama Time, Barnyard Dance, and several others; and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. We have large chunks of these books memorized. Apparently, so does Katie.

The other night, I was reading to her from One Fish and got to the two page spread with Joe. Joe's feeling rather unpleasant about his phone. I find him reminiscent of Ned. And when I finished the text on the page, I continued:

"I think Joe is a friend of Ned.
You remember Ned and his little bed?
They're both in quite a foul mood
And each is being rather rude."

Katie turned around and gave me this dirty look that I roughly translated as "And this appears in this book exactly where?"

Of course, that's nothing compared to when daisy_knotwise picks up the second Clorinda book and proceeds to quote the now-memorized text from the first book. That gets the book forcibly ripped out of Mommy's hands...