July 27th, 2008

Weekend Update

bedlamhouse and ladyat had to be back in Danville early this afternoon for an event, so we bid them a fond farewell at an early hour this morning, then collected and bathed the kids before grabbing lunch. After that, we went to Sam's Club where Gretchen printed out some kid photos, then I left her at home while I went to Fry's and then to the WindyCon meeting. Surviving the trip with minimum financial damage, I stopped by the Jewel on the way home to grab hamburger buns and sweet corn. In a minute, the grill will be hot and dinner will be on its way. :)


daisy_knotwise ran out to Barnes & Noble for some decompression time, leaving me with Katie and Julie. Katie was quite upset that Mommy had left without her so, since Julie was asleep, I took Katie out in the yard to run around for a bit. I sat down in the patio chair as Katie ran around. A few minutes later, I thought I heard Julie, so I poked my head in the door, but she was still asleep.

When I turned around, Katie was sitting in the chair I'd been in, patting the end table next to the chair that was buried under a pile of hoses. So I uncovered the table and she moved over there to sit next to me.

It was a lovely sunset.