August 2nd, 2008

Better Than Death

Death and taxes so often travel together verbally and -- given a choice! -- I'd generally pick the taxes, although there are moments...

Anyway, months after we filed our extensions, daisy_knotwise and I sat down today to try to enter the remaining bits of data that need to go into the computer so that I can fill out the Dodeka tax return. Once that's done, I can forward it on to our accountant who will finish our personal taxes.

Unfortunately, one of the files that I need is on the old computer, which is now under strict orders to start up properly after dinner. But first, I'll need to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the beast, since the new computer is incompatible with my old KVM switch and, thus, I didn't bother to route any cables through the switch to the old computer.

The good news is that this shouldn't be hard, just tedious.

The bad news will come if the poor old box just refuses to boot up.

We'll see what happens.