August 4th, 2008

Have You Met Ted?

daisy_knotwise and I are big fans of How I Met Your Mother. It was with some amusement then, that we've watched Katie, when approached by people who say to her, "What a cute little girl you are!", turn and point to the stroller that Julie's in and announce loudly, "Baby!"

Yes, my older daughter is apparently Barney. Or Julie's wingman. Or something like that.

Taxes (Near Death Experiences)

The near death experience belonged to our nice relatively new HP Color LaserJet all-in-one, which decided to stubbornly refuse to feed paper as I attempted to print out the tax returns. I was not pleased. After a certain amount of shouting, swearing, fiddling, and some threats of defenestration -- for the printer -- the printer finally got the idea that it was ok to print the tax returns.

The K-1s have been e-mailed to the accountant, so our personal returns should be able to proceed now.

This means that all I have left to do are the ISFiC Press financials so that our treasurer can file the ISFiC taxes. Maybe tomorrow night...