August 5th, 2008

ISFiC Press

Well, there are a couple of numbers that I still need to get from shsilver -- not his fault, in the sense that I hadn't yet asked for them -- but I think the ISFiC Press financials are now in a shape that will allow our Treasurer to finally file our tax return for 2007.

I need a better record-keeping system.

Actually, the big problem is that Steven does essentially all the work -- he has the inventory, he does the shipping, he does the invoicing, he collects and deposits the checks -- but he's not the guy who does the accounting at the end of the year. That's me and since he has all the records, life becomes entertaining. I know how to do the accounting, but it relies on being able to ask Steven for all of the right numbers.

This year, it's been an iterative process.