August 6th, 2008

Free Association

I was supposed to go down to the Loop today and tomorrow for a series of important meetings with the VP in charge of our group. Unfortunately, the VP was kept in California for some yet more important meetings there, so I'm out in Westchester today. Tomorrow, I'll head into the Loop for the previously scheduled group lunch and to explain to the folks there what the new data structure that I'm building will do for them -- and how it's not there to do to them. :)

The Buona Beef where I usually eat lunch was still closed as a result of Monday night's storms and the resulting power outage. Having eaten at Arby's yesterday, I decided to strike out to somewhere different and walked about a mile south to 31st St where I found a strip mall hot dog stand with a decent BBQ beef sandwich. The walk was probably better for me than the sandwich.

The good news about the cancelled meeting is that it means that I don't have to hassle in trying to get out to Bensenville to meet daisy_knotwise for tonight's Association concert. They're one of Gretchen's favorite bands and I'm certainly fond of them too. We are curious about who's still Associating after all these years, but I'm sure we'll find out tonight. And since Gretchen knows the names of all of the original members, she'll be able to keep me well informed.