August 16th, 2008

I Suppose This Seems Odd

daisy_knotwise and Julie are napping, Katie is supposed to be napping (but isn't), and I've just finished logging onto the work system for the second time since leaving at 7:45 PM last night to fix some more bugs. (Maybe I've gotten it right this time -- we'll see.) So I've got time to get this out of my system.

Now I suppose this may seem odd coming from me (as someone who has been a guest at a number of conventions over the years and who is one of those old fart filkers), but I feel the need to ask a question:

Am I doing myself a disservice by writing too many songs?

This is motivated, in part, by the fact that the last three songs that I've posted have gotten a grand total of one comment. And it's possible that everyone is pretty busy or had nothing to say. It's possible that the songs just sucked and everyone is being nice by keeping their mouths shut.

But the other thing is that I bury some of the songs that I've written that I really like under an avalanche of material. I've written fourteen songs this year, ten in 2007, eight in 2006, etc. I've churned out a silly number of songs (at least for me -- I'm aware that there are folks who write faster yet) since wrapping up Chicon 2000.

I barely sing anything from the two CDs that I've got in print, because I've got nearly three albums worth of pretty decent stuff that I've written since then. And somehow, it's almost always more fun to sing new stuff, because there's a chance that someone hasn't heard it yet.

I see a lot of folks who "camp out" on a relatively small number of songs. Many of those songs are pretty good. We hear them at pretty much every con. If the writer isn't at a con, other people cover those songs. (Maybe I travel too much to have my material frequently covered. I only know of two songs of mine that have been covered in recent years, so I dunno. I probably wouldn't be there if it was being covered, right? :) )

I mean, if you camp out on a song, then you're the "person who does X". Which I suppose has advantages and disadvantages... And maybe there are songs I should go and camp out on. I do dig them out of the book now and again and sing them when they fit in.

Anyway, I like writing new material, so I'm not likely to stop any time soon (depending on the whims of children).

But I guess all this proves that any of us can be subject to a sudden bout of introspection, no matter how long we've been doing this.