August 23rd, 2008


I was feeling a good bit better today, so we were able to make our scheduled trip to the local pool / water park with Katie, Julie, samwinolj, Bonnie, and Jerry. This was Katie first experience with a pool and it went reasonably well, aided by the fact that it's a zero-depth pool at one end, so she could walk in. She was skeptical about it at first, but was fascinated by the jets that bubbled water up into the air.

She was not so thrilled about any activity that might get water in her face. This shouldn't have been a surprise, given how much she doesn't like getting her hair washed. She was also very skeptical as Daddy kneeled in the deeper water, putting her in water up to mid chest.

"No, no, no, no, no!"

Well, ok.

But she generally had a good time and enjoyed splashing around.

Unfortunately, this meant she missed her nap, so she was quite a handful this evening. On the other hand, it sounds like she may have fallen directly asleep, so she was probably a very tired little girl.