August 31st, 2008


daisy_knotwise got her birthday present from me early this year, because there was no prospect that it would still be in the store when it got close to her birthday. It's a two-foot tall audioanimatronic fake stone gargoyle. When you trip the motion sensor, its eyelids open, its wings move back and flap, its eyes glow, and its mouth moves as it tells you about the dangers lurking inside.

Naturally, Katie loves it.

The funniest thing we've seen so far is Katie standing there listening to the gargoyle mouth off to her with her stuffed Pooh bear held straight out in front of her like a talisman against evil.

Either that or it was, "Eat him! Not me!"

More On Palin

At some point when I have the time, I'll address some of your specific criticisms of Palin. But in the meantime, here's what she had to say when McCain introduced her as his pick for the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination. And this is what I considered the best part of her speech:

Well, it's always, though, safer in politics to avoid risk, to just kind of go along with the status quo. But I didn't get into government to do the safe and easy things. A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not why the ship is built. Politics isn't just a game of competing interests and clashing parties. The people of America expect us to seek public office and to serve for the right reasons. And the right reason is to challenge the status quo and to serve the common good.

This is what I've been waiting to hear -- and to hear from a person who has actually done it. I've said on occasion that the proper approach to conservatism is not to try to prevent change. We will get change, whether we want it or not.

The goal of conservatism needs to be to manage change so that -- when we look back at it from some point in the future -- we're able to look at it and say we handled it well, that we got to the right place, perhaps not as quickly as we might have, but with more certainty than other approaches might have produced.

So, yeah, I like her.


I'm absolutely delighted to be able to say that daisy_knotwise and I have been nominated for a Pegasus Award in the "Best Comedy" category for "Apology". Thanks! (Gretchen was also suitably bouncy when we found out, but she hasn't had a chance to get to LiveJournal to bounce here yet. :) ) And I'll say that it looks like it's going to be a tough category. Whee!

The only other thing I'll say about the ballot is this: much as I respect the work of the various people nominated in the Best Composer category, there's only one name there that belongs to someone whose work has challenged me over so many years to make my own work better and to change, stretch, and grow.

So, Barry (min0taur), this vote's for you. :)