September 5th, 2008

My Last HP Laptop

My last HP laptop (with apologies to bedlamhouse) is sitting downstairs incapacitated with two keys that are no longer going to stay attached to the keyboard. This is the third or fourth time that this laptop has lost keys, because the attachment is just that flimsy. Had I realized how lousy this keyboard is, I never would have bought the machine, certainly not to reside in the same household with small children, the elder of whom managed to detach four to five keys with one swipe of her hand this afternoon while I was at work.

My previous HP laptop had a much more stable keyboard. Unfortunately, it had a bogus design for the power connector which eventually led to it breaking loose from the motherboard. I passed that one along to someone who worked in a place with the appropriate soldering tools to try to fix the beast. I think he succeeded.

Mercifully, the new keyboard isn't that expensive. The several hours of swearing that it'll take to install the new keyboard, well, that's a different story.