September 28th, 2008


We went up to Gurnee Mills yesterday to look for a few things. In traditional fashion, we didn't find all the things we were looking for, but we found a few others instead.

Katie fell in love with the carousel in the mall. daisy_knotwise and I each took her on a ride. She wanted more. :)

At dinner, Katie'd managed to spill chocolate milk all over her pants. Gretchen took her into the Carter's outlet to look for dry clothes, but she saw the display of alphabet dogs and wanted one. Since she already had one at home, she didn't get one, but the crying jag that ensued was impressive. I missed most of this, having ducked into the Disney outlet across the aisle, where I acquired a stuffed Pooh and a Pooh backpack for Katie's birthday in November (trusting that Pooh will still be popular by then), along with a clean Pooh t-shirt. The Pooh t-shirt calmed her down for a bit, at least until we arrived outside the computer outlet where I ducked in to see if they had a laptop that would suit samwinolj who had told me he was looking for one for work. They did, so I called him, we compared notes, and I picked it up for him.

Unfortunately, Katie was parked outside KB Toys while this was happening and was not at all happy about not getting to grab one of the selection of singing and dancing toys that were busily occupying themselves in the display tray outside the store. More crying ensued.

Gretchen, Katie, and Julie waited on a bench while I ran down to the Corning outlet and picked up the new skillet we needed. I didn't find a store that had the shaver I was looking for, so it looks like I'll have to pick that up on-line. When I got back, we had cinnamon rolls. Then I walked Katie off toward the car so I could come back and pick up Gretchen and Julie.

But this involved passing the Disney outlet again. And I'd seen the Pooh costumes in the store before. And when I showed them to Katie, she glommed onto one. And a pair of Pooh and Tigger sippy cups.

So Katie's going to be Pooh for Halloween.

It's very Pooh out.