October 1st, 2008

Five Months Old

Julie is five months old today. To celebrate this fine occasion, daisy_knotwise took her to the Social Security office today to apply for her Social Security number while I worked from home so I could keep an eye on Katie. I cheated a bit, as things were much more peaceful once I put the Pooh DVD back on for her at her request. :)

NLDS Game One

Cubs lose to the Dodgers by a final score of 7 to 2. Random thoughts follow:

  • Doesn't seeing NLDS stenciled on the field make you think that this is a fundraiser for some dread disease? "Give generously to the National Leuko-Dystrophy Society!"

  • The time to have someone up and warming in the bullpen is sometime before your pitcher walks the bases loaded. Again. (Ok, that's not quite fair, the bases were loaded the first time on two walks and an infield single. Even so.)

  • If you do have someone warmed up in your bullpen, you have an option other than letting your starter -- who has looked pretty bad and had no control all evening -- give up a grand slam. Well, I suppose you did have an option -- four pitches thrown very slowly wide of the plate while getting a pitcher warmed up. Or faking an injury. Or something.

  • You'd think that the Zimmer Rays would have dispersed by now.

  • The Miller Lite billboard out in right field said "Win." After DeRosa's apparently wind-aided home run to right, I thought of how amusing it would be for an extension to slide out with a "d" on it.

  • Why exactly is Jason Marquis on the postseason roster? Are you that much smarter than Tony LaRussa? Do you have no competent relievers available?

  • The official scorer seemed pretty brutal to me tonight. He gave at least two errors (one to each team) where I'd have given the fielder a break.

  • Yes, the strike zone had its apparently random moments tonight. However, you still need to get the ball within a foot of where it should be to have a hope of having it called a strike.

  • The Dodgers were probably the team that would be worst for the Cubs to encounter. The best chance they had was to catch them in a five game series and overwhelm them with superior starting pitching.

  • Now, it's time for Plan B.

  • Plan B involves winning tomorrow.

  • You don't want to see Plan C.