October 18th, 2008

A Minor Bit of Electioneering

So we're coming up on the deadline for on-line balloting for this year's Pegasus Awards and I am moved to say a little something:

There are five fine songs nominated in the Best Classic Filk Song category. All but one of them has been on the ballot before -- some have appeared multiple times. I suspect that the ones that don't win this year will likely appear again, because they're just good songs.

But I'm an old fart filker from the Midwest. And I look at Juanita Coulson's Chess and remember just how many times that I've heard that song over the years, how I've listened to the soaring melody line that was like nothing in filk when it was first performed, and let the attached imagery carry my imagination off to some of the most interesting places.

And I think about how -- after all these years -- Juanita has never won a Pegasus Award.

Just sayin'.