November 1st, 2008

Reheasus Interrruptus

We're coming up on the WindyCon show and had a SpaceTime rehearsal scheduled for this morning. daddy_guido had warned us two weeks ago that his MBA class work might keep him away and confirmed that earlier this week. dek9 e-mailed yesterday to let me know that she might have to take delivery of her repaired TV this morning. And she called this morning to say that not only was that true, but she also felt crappy and didn't want to bring the cold up our way. (Given that I'm finally getting over my post-ConClave cold, I fully appreciate that sentiment.)

Then Jerry arrived. Then Bonnie and Steve arrived. After a few minutes, I asked, "Where is samwinolj?"

"He's home sick. He can't keep anything down."

We sorted props and went over some procedural stuff.

I'm hoping everyone is healthy next week.