November 4th, 2008

Voting for Change In a One-Party State

It's hard to ignore the fact that today is Election Day in the U.S. If you went to the polls today, tell us what it was like. Long line? Free stickers? Hanging chads? We want the details.

I walked the short distance to my polling place today in suburban Cook County, Illinois, being careful not to step in the goose grease in the playground at the school. There was no line to vote. I was voter 161. They were expecting me, as my wife, daisy_knotwise had gone in a few minutes earlier while I was watching the kids at home.

It was a singularly depressing ballot. I only knew the name of the Republican candidate for Congress, because marsgov had mentioned it on his LJ a few days before. I read the Chicago Tribune daily Monday through Friday and haven't seen this race mentioned once, which should give you an idea of exactly how well gerrymandered my district is. The Republicans didn't even bother to put up a candidate in one of our state races, nor in any of the judicial races save one.

I did, as was my wont, vote to turn out all the judges on the judicial retention ballot.

And I voted for a new Constitutional Convention here in Illinois. Apparently, we elect the representatives to the convention. I've talked with Gretchen about running for the position, unlikely as I'd be to get elected.

But who knows? Stranger things have happened.