November 8th, 2008

Just a Bit Tired

We've survived the last SpaceTime rehearsal prior to our WindyCon show, despite some of the cast being sick and a lot of the cast being tired. The show should be good. Of course, we do have to make it so. :)

Katie, meanwhile, decided to do the stupid last night. She climbed onto the couch with Julie, which was just fine. Subsequently pushing her sister off onto the floor and smiling about it was not.

I checked to make sure that Julie was ok -- she was, babies are pretty resilient that way and she'd hit flat from a short fall. Then I grabbed Katie, tossed her over my shoulder, yelled at her, and spanked her on the way upstairs to dumping her unceremoniously in her crib. No real damage was done to her bottom through the diaper, but she was very upset by the indignity of the whole process. And the fact that her favorite blanket was still downstairs.

We will manage to teach Katie to be civilized before we are done.

Sooner will be better than later.


Being Christian, but not particularly Catholic, I had managed to not run into the concept of an Advent wreath before daisy_knotwise mentioned it to me earlier today as something she'd like to do. This apparently includes four candles.

"Candles?" I said apprehensively.

"Yes, four, one for each week of Advent. You know what Advent is, right?"

"I spent two years in an Episcopalian junior high school. I couldn't possibly not know about it."

"Ok. So I want an Advent wreath."

"I'm good with that, but can we get LED candles, because we've got two small children, one of whom could find a way to set the house on fire?"

"Three of the candles are purple. One is pink."


A long Google search later, I have come up completely empty on LED taper candles in purple and pink. I'm thinking there's a market there that someone's missing.

Apparently, if we were Episcopalian, all four candles could be white.

I don't think Gretchen is planning to convert.