December 6th, 2008

Christmas Shopping

We headed off to Kenosha today, because the Casual Male stores were having a big sale and the outlet store that used to be at Gurnee Mills has moved up there. We also figured we'd stop at the indoor outlet mall across the highway, which would have been a fine plan had that mall not closed some time ago. Thinking about it, I think I remember reading about it. I wish I'd actually remembered it when I was planning.

So we ended up driving as far as Racine to make sure that I hadn't missed the place. Since I'd planned to buy gas in Wisconsin, I was just about empty by that point. When I found the gas there was $1.759, a good six cents a gallon more than at home, I bought ten dollars worth to make sure I didn't run out. Gas in Kenosha was $1.619, which was much better.

At the Casual Male store, I managed to get out for under $100 with three new shirts, a belt, and a new midweight jacket. Then we headed back to Gurnee Mills to do some more Christmas shopping, which left Katie thoroughly exhausted before we were done. But I found a number of things for Gretchen, the girls, and our friends, so it was a good run.

Sadly, gas at the Shell station outside Gurnee Mills was $1.579. Wisconsin is slipping. :)