December 17th, 2008

Hardware Wars

I continue to try to revive the studio computer. I picked up some new RAM in the hope that would fix the problem and it has improved the situation slightly. Now I can boot into the BIOS. But I'm getting a CMOS ERR indication on the LCD back panel and the system keeps hanging up.

I guess I'll try resetting the CMOS again. *sigh*

Norwegian Blue Computer

I've tried replacing the DRAM in the studio computer with two sticks of fast DRAM and two sticks of slightly slower DRAM. It's going nowhere fast. I can get it to boot up, but before too long, it freezes. Somewhere in this process, it seems to have crozzled the RAID driver so that the system won't boot to Windows. And it won't recognize the floppy drive which I need to reload the RAID driver.

If this computer were not nailed to its perch, it would fall right over.

I'm heading off to get a new motherboard, processor, and RAM. Then we'll see if there are any other parts that are failing. But I suspect the motherboard is at the root of the problem.

I hate replacing the motherboard.