December 18th, 2008

Operation Frankenstein

So I've ordered a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, and floppy drive (just in case) to use to revive the studio computer. The real PITB will come when I try to repair Windows on top of the new motherboard. Oh, joy.

But I really need to get this beast running again.

Slowly I Turn

I'm now doing a massive check in to ClearCase of all my changes. This will take hours to complete.

ClearCase has already managed to lose track of one file that was moved between directories as part of the process. I've readded it to source control, but the history is gone.

Because, you know, losing history is what source control is all about.

Update: Ok, I couldn't check the file in, but I was able to undo the checkout. That seems to have fixed things so my buddy sitting closer to the ClearCase Server could check out and check in the version of the file I sent him. *gleep*