December 26th, 2008

Ping Pong

Well, it turns out that our tester misdiagnosed part of the problem with our software due to a bad interaction with a VM machine, so I needed to do a two line fix to a pair of files to fix the issue. Which I've done.

Unfortunately, the consensus now seems to be that it's too late to get the fix in for this release. *sigh*

Lost In The Fog

It is now extremely foggy here -- and was even foggier earlier before the wind picked up. Warm, humid air is sitting on top of cold snow with this predictable result.

We went to take the trash cans out for our Saturday pickup, delayed a day by Christmas. And I heard a wonderful sound -- water running rapidly down the gutter and into our yard.

The (ice) dam has busted!

We'll probably still need a new roof in the spring -- our neighbors got theirs done a few months ago -- but this should stop things from getting worse for now.