December 29th, 2008

Space, the Final Frontier

In this case, disk space.

My aging IBM 6223 at work has what was for its time a very nice 135 GB SCSI drive. Unfortunately, given the number of things that it has to store (because we have a lot of customers running a lot of different releases), it has become woefully inadequate. The machine will not be being upgraded to something better, because Oracle expects its employees to be using their desktop as a terminal working on a remote server. This doesn't match up extremely well with doing Windows application development.

So we're now into the realm of home-brewed (but approved by my manager!) upgrades to the system. I picked up a terabyte WD SATA drive at Fry's this weekend, plugged it into one of the two SATA ports on the machine, and -- after a bit of entertainment with the Diskpart utility -- now have an empty terabyte of disk space waiting to be filled.

I notice there are also two empty memory slots on the motherboard.


Plum Tuckered Out

Last night, Julie woke up about four in the morning, waking both daisy_knotwise and me. After laying around awake for an hour, I decided to get up and try to do something useful. An hour and a bit later, I crawled back into bed, lay around a while longer, and finally fell back asleep.

Only to be awakened by fuzzbucket_cat kneading my pillow.

*sigh* There was not nearly enough sleep last night for either Gretchen or me.

In an effort to improve our chances of sleeping, I suggested that we need to feed Julie more solid food. She's been happily munching away on Joe's Os and rice cakes, but it's been pretty much cereal and formula. So Gretchen looked in the cupboard this evening and pulled out some fruit medley, which Julie didn't care much for. Then she tried the plums. These were a bit more successful, but not wildly so, although they did entice Katie to come join the party with the result that there were plums in a great many places where no plums should be.

I volunteered to pick up some different baby food at the Jewel this evening, so there are now a wide variety of more savory baby foods for Julie to taste test. We'll see how that goes. And how she sleeps.

In the meantime, looking at Julie, I realize that strained plums make an unconventional, but moderately successful, form of mascara.