January 4th, 2009

Back In the Studio

daisy_knotwise has taken Julie off shopping while Katie naps after her shopping expedition with me. I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to try to get the rebuilt studio computer up and running again. I've managed to get base versions of most of the software installed and am now downloading the (large!) updates.

The other problem that I'm having is that my mouse keeps freezing up. This is a bad thing, but I may have found the right thing to do to fix it with some Google searches about this motherboard. We'll see if changing those BIOS settings works...


Normally, we try to leave our Christmas tree up until January 6th, but because of GAFilk, we've retired it early this year. The lights and ornaments are all packed away and as soon as Katie and Julie are in bed, daisy_knotwise and I will take the tree out to the curb.

It was a good tree.

I disposed of several strands of old incandescent lights to make room for the new LED lights that I bought in the box. There are still more incandescent strands that we haven't used in a few years, but we'll hang onto them for a while longer in case we decide to decorate the windows again. And we replaced some bulbs in the aging string of sequencers that we do use every year, so it's all working again.

I've been looking for LED sequencers, but haven't seen them yet. Maybe next year.