January 9th, 2009


daisy_knotwise, Katie, Julie, and I pulled into Atlanta at a bit after midnight local time. We'd spent the previous night at bedlamhouse and ladyat's place in Danville, arriving there later than intended because of a late departure, traffic, and weather.

But the weather today was beautiful for most of the trip (and cloudy at worst). The backseat DVD player died in the middle of Kentucky with a puff of escaping magic smoke. I told Gretchen, "To heck with it. We'll buy another one." Putting my shopping fu to work, I said that we needed to find a Sam's Club or a Best Buy or something and I'd buy anything reasonably priced that worked. "Pull off at Exit 22," I said.

And as we approached Exit 22, there was a Sam's Club on the right. I went in and bought another pair of DVD players like the ones we had (yes, we had a pair, but the spare was somewhere at home where we couldn't find it at launch time). This time, I bought the extended warranty. :)