January 12th, 2009

GAFilk: I'm Gonna Wait 'Til the Midnight Hour

Actually, I left the Dead Dog filk a bit after 11 PM, because we've got a long drive home. But it was quite likely the best filk of the con, despite the fact that min0taur and Sally had to leave after Closing Ceremonies. I am currently working on a cunning plan to try to get quadrivium and jodimuse up to ConClave -- we'll see how this goes. :)

It was a good con. autographedcat acquitted himself well in his first year as Chair and everyone managed to survive a few glitches with the hotel, none of which were fatal.

I bought memberships for next year. Now I just need to make sure daisy_knotwise is up for making the drive again...

GAFilk: Beat the Blizzard!

We set out for home at 9:15 AM this morning. Mapquest quotes this as an approximately 12 hour trip -- with two kids and necessary stops, I would have been satisfied with any number less than 16 hours. :)

Things went somewhat better than that. We stopped for lunch at a Culver's in Bowling Green where I had a hot fudge sundae made with cinnamon pecan roll custard. Yum! daisy_knotwise took over driving at that point and took us into Indiana. When we stopped for gas just across the Ohio River, I tuned into Chicago radio station WBBM and found that it was already snowing in Chicago -- probably tolerable -- with blizzard conditions forecast from midnight until noon the next day -- not tolerable.

bedlamhouse had offered to let us stay with them again if necessary, but we figured we could probably make it home ok. As I told Gretchen, "If we can make it to Merrillville, we can crawl the rest of the way home." We left Indianapolis around 7:45 PM EST after a quick dinner at Shapiro's and headed north at all deliberate speed. That became somewhat more deliberate when the snow started around Lafayette. It snowed off and on until we got about fifteen miles south of Merrillville, by which point accumulating snow was making driving much more interesting. I managed to miss the SUV that had slid into the guardrail sideways blocking the left lane (which was where I was at right then). We saw a number of cars in ditches and some nasty looking wrecks.

As we headed north on the Tri-State Tollway, conditions improved to wet and a bit slick. That was after we passed another crash that blocked two lanes of the tollway. *sigh* It didn't look like anyone was hurt, fortunately.

Other than a game of lane control tag with a Forward Air semi that kept trying to run me over in the last three miles on the tollway -- and then he cut me off at the last second to get off at my exit and again when we were trying to turn onto Higgins! -- the remainder of the trip was uneventful.

Total trip time was 14.5 hours. It would have been a bit less if it hadn't snowed.

I'll take it. :)

And the girls are happy to be home.

So are Mommy and Daddy.